The Best Sex I Have Ever Had

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  • November 9, 2018
  • In my private life outside of London escorts, I have always avoided dating men who are older than me. That was before I met Ian on a break from London escorts. My mom and dad have got this place in Spain, and I had popped out for a few days to catch some autumn sunshine. I was having a great time without any male attention, but when I met Ian in the bar of my dad’s golf course, I could feel that there was something special about him. This 51-year-old guy had some serious sex appeal and I could not wait to get my hands on him. Fortunately for me, he lived in London and was single.

    He worked for a major UK airline, and the first time I saw him in his captain’s uniform, I could have fallen to my knees and given him a blow job right there and then. I told the other girls at London escorts, and they thought I was acting like a fruitcake. To be honest, I was. Even when I was on duty with London escorts, he was the only thing that I could think about, and as soon as I did, I could feel myself become soaking.It took a matter of a few weeks for me to end up in bed with Ian. He was not so keen on me working for London escorts, but at the time, London escorts were my main source of income. I made this little promise with myself that if our relationship got serious, I would drop London escorts and find myself another job. Maybe it was not such a good thing for a senior captain to have a girlfriend who was an escort.

    Anyway, Ian seemed to be deadly serious about me, and the other girls at London escorts were getting rather jealous. When we had been going out for six weeks, he asked me to accompany him to Bristol and meet his parents. They lived in this little cute cottage in a village, and I loved it from the moment that I walked in.

    The only thing was that they wanted us to sleep in separate bedrooms, and I was not sure if I could handle it. The thought about Ian’s body being in another room drove me insane.We all went out for a meal that evening, and when we came home, his parents went to bed. As Ian tucked me into bed, I felt a million miles away from London escorts, but I was still desperate for him to sleep in my bed.I laid awake for about an hour with sleep eluding me than I decided to creep into his bedroom. He was fast asleep as I curled up next to him but soon woke up as I placed my hard nipples against his back.

    As we started to make love, I realised that I was in his boyhood bedroom. Something clicked in my head, and still today, the sexiest sex I have ever had has been in my now husband’s boyhood bedroom. It just felt so naughty.

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