Why becoming a Bow Escorts is a life-saver

  • mcnaughtonblog
  • September 12, 2018
  • It was a long and tough journey for me before; I experience a lot of struggles and difficulties. It was hard knowing that you are left behind by your batchmates. It is hard when your life is miserable and thought. Sometimes you wanted to get away with that situation, but you do not know how you frequently asked yourselves if you are still worthy to live. Sometimes you asked God why he gave you so many burdens in life, but in the end, you will realize that God ready you into something beautiful. You have to wait and be patient enough. You don’t need to rush things just because you are tired. Just because you are tired, you have to give up. Everything happens for a reason, and you have to brave yourself not to lose in the battle.


    Always know what can make your life happy, set priorities and have goals in life. Look for some inspiration in life that will keep you motivated, like family or a lover. In my situation, I set aside first my personal pressures because my family needs my support. We are not a fortunate family, and that is why we have a hard time looking for our daily needs. Our food is hard to find, every day we struggle where we can find food to eat. Many times I feel so unwanted and discourage, some people are so mean just because you are poor and can’t afford anything else. I am sad why people drag down and mock people like me. Only because we are denied by wealthy in life, it doesn’t mean that we should experience a different treatment. It is a betrayal on my part.


    I wish every day to be given an excellent opportunity to uplift my family’s situation. I wanted to provide them with a comfortable life that they have not experience before. My family is the most important people in my life, even though my parents struggling to raise us, I can see the effort and hard work they try to show us. I understand that no matter how much they do, their wages won’t be enough.


    Until my aunt Salome came home, she is from  Bow. The bow is a part of London England. Out of pity she offers me to become a Bow Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/bow-escorts and will shoulder first the expenses. I go with her going back to Bow and applied myself as Bow Escorts. I thanked God that I had able to become a Bow Escorts because it saves us from our debt and miserable life. I had also built a new house for us, and living comfortably. It is just amazing how my life has changed when I become a Bow Escorts.

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