Sex on the beach

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  • January 24, 2016
  • Do you enjoy having sex on the beach? To be honest, I am kind of hooked on having sex on the beach, and fortunately for me, so is my boyfriend. Okay, UK beaches may not be the perfect place to have sex, they are a bit cooler after all. But, fortunately for me I do really well at London escorts, so I can afford to take plenty of exotic holidays. My friends at London escorts probably think that I am nuts, but I could easily pop up for an exotic holiday once a month. Well, we don’t do that but it would be nice if we could.

    What is so special about sex on the beach? It is kind of hard to put your finger on that. First of all, I think it is the sound of the water that turns me on. The waves make this really gentle sound when the splash up against the shoreline, and if you are laid there with your boyfriend, or lover, every so often you will get a nice little wet surprise in the form of a wave. I have tried to explain this to the beautiful girls at escorts in London on but they sort of just shake their heads and look at me in a funny way. Clearly, making love on the beach is not for all London escorts.

    Another thing about beaches are the sunsets. A beautiful sunset can get me in the mood in no time at all, and I love to sit there in my boyfriend’s arms and slowly start to caress him. This is something the girls at London escorts can relate to, but I am not sure that all of the girls at London escorts can understand why I have to make love on the beach. Why cannot I not go back to the comfort of the hotel room?

    Like I have tried to explain to my friends at London escorts, it is that slight chance that you will get caught that really turns me on. At heart I supposed I might be a bit of a voyager, and I know that I have a secret passion for making love in unusual places. I suppose the beach may not be that unusual but it still carries a certain allure. Many of my girlfriends at London escorts, cannot relate to my voyagerism at all, and it is a bit sort of risky at times.

    Ultimately, I know it is my need to be a bit of a voyager that turns me on, and has me making love on the beach to my boyfriend. However, I am a romantic as well, so all of that with waves and beautiful sunsets do come into it. We are all unique and if we want to fulfill our sexual desires, we should never be afraid to experiment and play a little bit. I have many slightly insane fantasies, and many of them do involve beaches. Strangely enough they are all about sex on the beach, and I don’t have a clue how they have popped into my head.

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